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tv   Headline News  RT  February 26, 2013 10:00am-10:28am EST

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postal vote hangover. political deadlock with no clear winner and parliamentary election protest party led by a former comedian making. poles apart in the us. the bloody syrian crisis deep divisions between the. us will change iran's nuclear course and major easing of sanctions offered in exchange for the suspension of uranium enrichment apparently being the main deal on the table.
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a very warm welcome to you from all of us here at moscow. with your worldwide news . the election that was meant to dig italy out of chaos is now adding political deadlock to economic distress no party or coalition has managed to secure a clear majority in either house of parliament the country now stuck between options on the left and right as also a major new force emerging with a party led by a former comedian winning a quarter of all the votes. and man of. political corpse just a couple of months ago. actually seems to be holding a really good. in the senate but again he is. number one in the senate now if we look at they all over hell. however parliament does seem
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like the majority of the seats there. claimed victory there but you have to understand that this is not because so many people have voted for him it is because of the italian election law which does give a lot. to the party. even by the tiniest margin and that is exactly the situation in this case because berlusconi as well is a newcomer but are all essentially tied in the parliament as well so what we have of this point is a total deadlock we have ended up with. parliament and that's what some of the newspaper headlines. this morning is that the country is governable at this point there's no clear solution and it does seem like reelections are a very very high possibility for it. is the third biggest economy in the eurozone what happens here is vital for the economy off the confidence of the bankers and politicians over in europe already waking up with their hearts pounding because
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there is certain total. total disparity in the people's votes the population is lost the one thing that they have they have made clear is that they have had enough of. the technocrats from brussels it seems like. not really saying yes to any one single party the have said no to the policies that have been implemented by him and so we are doing everything to show that they have enough. to step out of the crisis and just willing to do anything even voting for a man. who is totally inexperienced and is not really politician basically voting for anybody monti in this is this is what's happening in italy right now. reporting right now the vote which is also crucial for the euro zone triggered a rollercoaster on the markets as the results were pouring in and i discussed it early here and i see with our correspondent tom bottom. so ultimately election one
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certainty is rocking the boat of global markets they are indeed roaring i mean it must be said that yesterday as it seemed that bersani bloc may gain a decent majority the markets were up but then again as a scone is brought drew level again today down the mile and they go again so we've got four point seven percent down on italy's footsie or the markets in europe and beyond down one point five to two percent we've got tully and bond yields going up showing the the nervousness of investors seeing this political standoff and economic uncertainty in italy it should be noted berlusconi left in late two thousand and eleven because of his poor financial record primarily and montes ended up with ten percent of the vote which shows how fed up the talons are it's incredible that so mary want to squeaking by with ten percent and then the when berlusconi's numbers start coming up the markets start going down you talk about
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political uncertainties and rocking the boat when it comes to the global markets certainly these issues and the issues of fixed interest rates are being addressed by the want to be nice guys in the cars report today let's have a quick listen and see what's coming up very shortly here on artsy in this case there were thousands of e-mails between thousands of traders or actually a few dozen traders saying set the library at a rate that is not true righ it for me and they're saying that this is somehow complicated that we can't do anything about it because there are signs of innocence outside this circle of the actual writers an innocent act being committed somewhere in the universe should we apply a standard of guilt or this admission of guilt by h.s.b.c. yet just b.c. admitted that there are a lot of money and financing terrorism but somebody somewhere there an innocent x. something in a parallel universe perhaps so can we call it just b. c. guilty can we give you say oh oh wow their story thousand mexicans headless because it is not a lottery they just be a good business terrorist but should we care because after all somebody committed.
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it is an x. somewhere. do stay with us for the kaiser report a bit later here on c for now though how to end the bloody conflict in syria that's claimed at least seventy thousand lives in just the past two years this is what russia and america's top diplomat said to discuss. in the role as key mediate is the main challenge is to stop violence via negotiations the syrian government has said it's ready to talk but the rebels have refused and demanding international action against the regime russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says the opposition is split. solution there have been voices in the opposition supporting talks without preconditions then there's been backtracking on this approach apparently extremists have prevailed in the ranks of the opposition who are pushing for a military resolution of the conflict and blocking dialogue. while the syrian
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rebels have released a new video i mean to show their advanced attack on government forces. in the. rebel fighter apparently shoots down a syrian army helicopter with a missile and you can hear the voices in the background shouting. at the sky supposedly took place near the city of aleppo just last week rebel officials said they had received a new batch of heavy weaponry from outside sponsors across the jordanian border. well the taking of sides in the syrian conflict is one of the issues dividing russia and the u.s. as they discuss the crisis later on tuesday. and now it takes a closer look at what's on the table for starting off and john kerry. conflict in syria miss out on defense and u.s. expansion of projects in eastern europe plus iran and north korea's nuclear
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programs amid test and escalating rhetoric these issues have been on the table for years now let's take a closer look at some of them syria ripped apart by violence for two years now a militant opposition there trying to force out president also that russia from the beginning has pushed for a diplomatic solution and avoiding intervention at all costs while saying that time is limited moscow still believes negotiations are the way to go the u.s. has constantly called for asa to step down while supporting rebels despite them not being able to unify or willing to sit down for talks with asad a strictly one sided solution although recently the obama administration has taken a more distant tone on syria perhaps thanks to fallout from other arab spring countries like libya and egypt the nuclear ambitions of iran and north korea remain high on the agenda especially with north korea's recent underground test but again
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while both russia and the u.s. condemn any unregulated nuclear steps or weaponization the two differ greatly on how to deal with them russia's against threats of more sanctions or further isolation while the u.s. has gone as far as saying military intervention it's not off the table especially in the case of iran in europe and u.s. plans to expand on missile defense systems and russia's concerns over its national security are considered the number one issue to have sidetracked a so-called reset but a shadow over bilateral relations is now russian children adopted by american parents the latest russian child to die might seem mean three years old only moscow was informed of the tragedy a month after mark seems death his legs head and internal organs of the edge of the severely bruised maxie was adopted. a u.s. family from the same orphanage as jimmy three died of heat stroke in two thousand
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and eight after being left inside an overheated car you have good lives name is now the title of a rush limbaugh that prohibits the adoption of russian children by u.s. citizens but critics say the law it's too harsh while supporters claim it's the only thing to be done until the u.s. can is sort of the safety of russian adoptees and adequate justice for violent crimes against children. and he said now in reporting right well another of obama's recent nominations this time the new military chief well he's facing his latest battle today still to come here on the program a report on the way chuck hagel stands after being all but hung out to dry in a bitter partisan standoff. now germany is boosting its arms sales to gulf want to keizer despite the grimmer records of human rights abuses and ultimately activists of sounding the alarm says we speak because all over this alarming trend bertalan is being accused of
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ultimately moral bankruptcy as it continues to funnel literally billions of euros of weaponry to the middle east region the arab world affected by the arab spring most noticeably though that of saudi arabia not affected so much by the arab spring but certainly getting a lot of german weaponry hardware here we go the numbers show you right here two thousand and eleven saudi arabia getting only five hundred seventy million euros worth then it goes up to well over one one excuse me one point four seven billion i believe so they soared from twenty eleven when exports stood a little more than five hundred million and here we have the german arms of saudi arabia they go on and on and on nine times the previous limits now later this hour we'll be discussing this in detail with the speaker from the german campaign against exports she'll be christine hoffman we're joining us live in just a moment hope you can stay with us for what is ultimately a very controversial discussion.
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to build a new. mission to teach me. today. if these are the images seeing from the streets of canada. today.
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thanks for joining us here on our two young ruler sushi in moscow a possible easing of sanctions is the main bargaining chip for six world powers at key talks with there were on over its nuclear activities the high level negotiations underway in kazakhstan of the first since june however hopes of a breakthrough well they still remain pretty low the u.s. has signaled it could relax some penalties if they're on the whole twenty percent uranium enrichment that's a level that could ultimately lead to the production of a nuclear bomb but the e.u. is reportedly unwilling to make a similar move to iran has recently upgraded its enrichment capabilities maintaining its aims are purely peaceful and allowed within international law
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former washington advisor says that western fears of a nuclear terror on north what's really behind the crippling sanctions and the whole until iranian drive. the iranian civilization has been around and for five thousand years certainly longer than most questions of us nations or any western civilizations and they're not suicidal and they know that were they to nuclear weapons they would be obliterated washington this thing pushed them being pushed by israel for a long time to effect regime change in iran. and the nuclear program as an excuse to put pressure on iran to try to cos regime change but i'm not saying that a nuclear armed iran would be a good thing and what didn't but they aren't any country is not a good thing but the rationale behind pressure on iran and my opinion comes
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directly from israel else desire for regime change in iran and why the united states government to make that happen. well all of the economic penalties imposed on iran over its nuclear energy program the oil export ban has certainly hit the country the hardest despite the fact it's undoubtedly damaged the overall economy it has actually helped to strengthen other industries in iran. she filed this report. the international ban on iranian oil cost the country around forty billion dollars in two thousand and twelve according to the u. but despite this huge gap in iran's income officials have some good news indeed harsh sanctions normal experts have increased by least thirty percent from a year ago. so what they look like a bad thing when they actually play a positive role we've been asking our government for many years to decrease dependence on oil to at least fifty percent was too high up around eighty percent
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making our economy too vulnerable that some say today is a historic opportunity to finally get rid of this dangerous oil dependency and iran actually has a lot of alternative resources to feed from from well known copperheads to dade's via minerals and stones but warning destry in particular appears to be thriving these days iran's famous be stashes have been going through tough times in the last couple of years heavy frost and terrible droughts have been damaging large parts of the harvest but this year with the country under tough economic sanctions are doing better than ever. our currency ryall fell by almost forty percent in october but i sell both at home and abroad and i've benefited from price rises in the red in the stock shows or exported to more than one hundred countries worldwide but even if farmers cannot send them the broad confident business who remain great thousands of
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industry workers also benefit which has them overcome the country's highest ever inflation the amount of production and price of the shares affect our salaries every year they add ten to twenty percent of my salary this i have some bonus to my daily payments but producers seem to be more protected than exporters while international sanctions don't target the food industry current measures affect the banking system making financial transactions. hard not to crack the also penalize the banks that. are not in u.s. and europe maybe in china or south america the penalize them for dealing with iraq that they mean that's the main problem which is actually illegal internationally if oil is a black gold the discussion is must be a green one at least for iran locals say these small knots have great health benefits especially for the man wealth of the country it also gives strength iran's
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biggest mall expert has always been a significant source of revenue and as the latest round of sanctions ever bites it's also something iran may have to rely on even more than before. t. from iran. let's get into about the odds he world updates starting with colombian coffee growers who have now clashed with police during a rally to demand more government support for the industry it's struggling due to a drop in international price and workers want the state to help by increasing subsidies demonstrators blocked roads in a number of towns but security forces said that such tactics would not be tolerated . nineteen people died in egypt after a hot air balloon packed with tourists exploded in mid-air before holding three hundred meters the pilot and a british man survived the accident but another tourist has now just died in hospital a faulty gas cylinder was apparently to blame for the blast tourism officials say
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people from japan belgium france hong kong and britain were all among the dead. a rocket has been fired from gaza into israel causing some road damage but nothing else this is the first attack since november ceasefire and is seen as retaliation after a palestinian man died in israeli custody and certainly disputed circumstances two thousand and twelve sore a major conflict between the two rivals with more than one hundred people killed in gaza mostly civilians. now britain's unemployment benefits aim to provide a safety net for anyone between jobs hopefully looking for the next career opportunity only for some the payout so so attractive that while getting out of bed to go to work doesn't seem quite so worthwhile anymore auntie's pretty boy here explains. i couldn't really believe my luck to be on. the dream i thought this was amusing you know british government is helping me out so you
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know i needed somewhere to live and i don't have a job not the words you expect to hear from someone who's fallen on hard times housing benefits allowed stephanie to rent a flat in this sport a block in london's glitzy mayfair and by myself i could always barely afford a studio in central london when i was working and. looking for a job so. it's a sprawling and complicated system but one that allows a family of four to claim up to thirty five thousand pounds a year from housing to child care and unemployment benefits i've known people on both fronts and they've been able to afford new cars. for brought on holiday i've never actually been abroad on holiday before so how can they afford a good holiday when they're on benefits. and afford to do that the welfare state
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was all the idea of a man who might well be turning in his grave william beverages an idea of the five giant evils of society squalor ignorance want idleness and disease some of the very qualities that critics say the system encourages beverage was factored well for should only provide you with subsistence levels of support and it should only do so for a short period of top seventy years down the line and welfare spending is the biggest item of government expenditure milking it is so widespread it's become a source of satire you know ever we're told there would be no disability allowance i told you he worked at docklands. so be sure first do you think you can get managed just ability allowance he's got a bonus. i know which call boehner. westminster now wants to make it clear that benefit aren't a career path and coming through the doors of your local job and take. the air out
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filling in a few forms and claiming your money is no longer an option but for people that have been through the experience of claiming unemployment benefit they see it's all too easy to get no money and no one's really checking whether or not you're genuinely looking for why. artsy or we're coming to you live from moscow it's good to have you with us today let's get back to our one of our main stories now out of germany doubling its arms exports to gulf monarchies or let's discuss it with christine hoffman now a spokesperson for the german the campaign against exports the outcry campaign stop the arms trade live from berlin good to see you today thanks for coming with us here on r.t. it's a day one issue i must ask you quite quickly first off is the conflicts in gulf want to key regions they go up and somehow so do arms exports from germany is that a coincidence or. i did say if it's really the incident but it's not anyway
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well we understand this or it already been some kind of reaction from the public there in germany what kind of reaction from your officials there in the government how are they justifying this. well they see they are. establishing stability in sounding arms arms trading with three teams like saudi arabia that we've it's not good to deal in the. areas of tension when i sometimes hear you say it's not good but some might say ball germany and other countries who are sending weapons exports to these conflicts on regions are simply fanning the flames. yes they are that's what they're doing and that's why there is the protest movement here in germany asking our government to stop trade you must see russia and germany in this sequence the three biggest arms dealers worldwide germany is the surge begins arms dealer
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worldwide and we don't do we want to be on that position i'm looking at it from the peace movement position and we want to stop the arms trade but is that i mean we could can we just also take up the aspect that well you know this is just business here whether it's the u.s. or germany or russia or any other countries yes it's weapons but it's business yes but arms are not business like usual this is not a normal business. and made to kill and weapons and used to kill and moran we used sound weapons to. punch you in flame concert me and my intention is that we know for diplomatic ways of solving conflicts and that jimmy stops escalating conflicts by delivering up. into tension in areas are you in a position or i mean as you say is a german public in
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a position to hold anybody to account for this or other politicians other defense contractors simply untouchable as they funnel more weapons exports into arab spring region still torn by conflict that's what they're doing and that's why we are protesting and in a democracy there is always a way to influence it and that's why the. strengthening our movement today for example the alarm to the german government was a kind of negative why aren't we drawn to sculpture who are our weapons that killing in front of us is the plane is there our government sits and it symbolizes our protest and is symbolized and then. is really healing it's not a potential mostly obviously you talk you talk about weapons being sent into conflict torn regions on the side of weapons are designed to kill how well with official saying that we're doing this for stability purposes can you buy can you
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buy into any of that is there any stability being created by the funneling of billions of dollars and euros worth of weapons into these into these regions. based . like. i must say. spokesperson for the. many thanks for joining us here and i thank you thank you. well it's a pleasure to have you with. north africa might help to prove it the new u.n. report says countries like mali uncontrolled flowing from. libya.
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is. what has been a pleasure having you with us here today more news in about half an hour at the top of the.


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